Am I Eating Right?



So my goals for February are:

  • Keep a food diary each day and be disciplined about it.
  • Exercise at least once a day.
  • Listen to my body and eat those foods that my body can handle.

So I am now two days into the month and to be honest I have not been eating right. I have had very little motivation lately to guard what I put into my mouth. And I am seeing the effects. I have not gained any weight. (I finally did step on a scale!) But I am not really making any progress in losing the weight either.

I have gotten a few workouts in, and I have even learned that I can fairly easily walk a mile in my own little neighborhood. Even with it being only two roads!

Overall I am not where I should be. I know that eating right is vital to my overall health, but I am very undisciplined in this are.

I have not quit, but I have a lot more work I should be doing.

How are you? Are you making progress on your weightloss goals? How are you handling the Valentine candy that is all over the place? Are you keeping up with your physical activity? I would love to hear how you are doing.

3 thoughts on “Am I Eating Right?

  1. Hi friend. 🙂 I too am working on this area, as you know. I have decided that in order to see and feel the results I’m wanting and needing, I have to exercise. So I have been this week. And that is HUGE for me. I have had such a mental block about that for a long time. And I am watching my portions. That’s the other key for me. Yes, WHAT I eat is important and of course I am watching that constantly (which can be tiring), but for me the bigger factor I think is HOW MUCH. So those are the two key areas I’m working on. Exercise and watching how much I’m eating. Oh and staying hydrated. That facilitates the other two. 😉 Wishing you success in your efforts today Amy!

    1. Oh and by watching how much I’m eating, I mean I’m listening to my body. If im hungry I eat. I try to stop when I’m satisfied. Im not measuring anything, altho I am serving myself less than I usually do. I’m feeling less stuffed and bloated today. Nice feeling. 😉

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