Homeschooling Realities

Homeschooling has some unique aspects.

We have been a homeschool family for about a year and a half now. I have enjoyed several aspects of homeschooling. Such as:

  • Having extra time with my kids individually as we work through school activities.
  • Learning things about my kids I wouldn’t have learned if I wasn’t their teacher.
  • Having the extra time to focus on weaknesses and encourage the strengths.
  • Watching my children as they learn and explore the things they are learning.


There are also a few struggles that are uniqe to Homeschooling:

  • My youngest is all over the place. I find it hard to focus on the older girls and their school time. I kept getting distracted by little Izzy getting into trouble. [I have found a reasonable solution to this.]
  • I don’t have a lot of patience. I can get easily frustrated by my children’s behavior during school time.
  • I have not kept up a strict schedule. We are a bit behind in regards to the public school calendar. I have days when we have appointments or we have other activities that keep us from getting our school work done. [I am thinking we may end up as year round homeschoolers!]

I have found that the realities of being a homeschool mom has brought out some of my own personal weaknesses, shining a bright light upon them. I believe ultimately this is good for both me and my children. Even though it is humbling to learn these things about myself in this way.

I love school and I am enjoying learning alongside my children. I really do feel blessed to be able to teach my kids at home. Regardless of the challenges we may face.




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