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Taking A Moment in The Chaos

I wrote this article a few years ago while I was studying Proverbs 31 with Women Living Well. It was the first study I did with Good Morning Girls. I learned a ton, and maybe we can tackle this study again after we are done with our year of Blogging through the


Good Morning all. I am pausing in the middle of a busy day to catch my breath and clear my head. I am doing that by having a much-needed cup of coffee and writing. 🙂

I am in the final week of a Bible study on Proverbs 31. To tell you the truth I have had some ups and downs as I have spent the summer studying this lovely, surreal woman. I have been encouraged, overwhelmed, directed, guided, discouraged, and generally exhausted by this woman. She seems to be Wonder Woman. And if I take this chapter as a list of to do’s to be a good wife and mommy I think I will curl up and cry.

Yet as I was thinking through the study this morning I was reminded of the description of the Jewish law. It was given to point out our sin, and our need of a savior. This is contrasted with Jesus who comes with arms full of grace seeking a changed heart. This lesson can be a hard lesson to learn. It is messy. It often is ugly and hard. We can’t tidy Jesus up in a neat little package to serve our wants. This makes serving our Lord in Spirit and truth so challenging.  It means responding in a loving way when our world is in chaos. It means I don’t get a pass to scream at my husband because I have had a terrible day. It means that I can’t just quit being a mom when I am so tired I can’t hardly move.

I think women in previous generations understood these concepts better than we do today. They stood as lovely examples of strength and dignity even in the midst of difficult situations.  Women like Amy Carmicheal and Elizabeth Elliot. Today in America we are so full of ourselves. We feel that we are owed everything we might want. We use our struggles to justify acting out, and mistreating those around us.  But the truth is that we are called to be women who obey God above our circumstances.  So that means I can’t justify disrespecting my husband just because my kids were absolutely off the chain all day.  And is also means I am not to play the victim just because I am facing some very difficult challenges.  God has called us to praise and honor him no matter what we are facing and struggling through each day.

So many of you are facing some terrible things each day. I won’t pretend I understand your pain nor your struggles.  But I want to remind you that there is a God who loves you so much that he sent is ONLY son to DIE for you.  He knew you before you were born, He knew what you would struggle with and how you would fall and how you would shine.  He loves you through it all. I pray today that each one of you will come to believe and understand how much the God of the universe loves you and accept his ultimate salvation for each one of you.



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