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Getting Away from it All


I wrote this post a few years ago, at the time I was training for my first 5K. I actually ran two that year. I am not able to go out and run right now, but I am hoping someday soon I will be scheduling another 5K. I felt this post was a great reminder as we are approaching a holiday, be sure you are taking time to rest your soul. 

Do you struggle with the mundane? With the dailiness of life? Do the constant demands upon your spirit drain  your heart of all its strength.  I get this way at times.  The constant tugging of little hands, the cries of a little one who just wants mommy, and the constant little chattering voices seem to drain life out of me at times.

And yet there is a tension.

When I have reached that point, you know the level, when you feel like you just can’t manage one more request, my husband will often give me time away.  (He tries to give this to me more frequently when he can, I don’t mean to sound like he waits till I am half crazed before he lets me get away.  But for the purpose of this blog I want to talk about those times when I feel like I am at the end of my rope.) My DH will tell me to just get out and “take my time”, “Do whatever you want to do.”  I leave in my big white van, and I don’t know where to go or what to do.  I know my heart and mind need a break from the demands upon them, but I don’t know how to get away from those demands.  I can leave and get a cup of coffee.  I can meet a friend and enjoy some time with just girls.  Yet, those golden chains, that seemed to wrap around my heart at the birth of each child are still there even when I am away from them.  I can’t just shake them off.  The tension remains.  I am a mommy.

I find it strange and ironic that I am able to get the most rest for my soul in the midst of life.  When I can take time with the Lord before the little ones get up in the morning. Getting a hard workout in during nap time, and sometimes reviewing scripture verses while doing dishes can be enough to restore my soul for a bit.

I also find getting out for a run/walk is a soothing balm for a demand weary mommy. Getting outside alone, with a pretty sky and time to actually think can be such a treat for me.

The view of my neighborhood where I often go running. It has been so pretty lately.

I have really been enjoying the sky. It seems to be constantly changing.  Yet lately it has also been so clear and blue.  I can get lost in it sometimes thinking about our God who is so much more amazing than even the most beautiful sky.

Sometimes too as a mommy simply going to the grocery store alone can be a lovely vacation from the normal routine. 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well. What do you do to get away from the dailiness of life? How do you get a rest for your soul in the midst of the chaos of life? I would love to hear some ideas.

2 thoughts on “Getting Away from it All

  1. Thank you for your honesty. I know I often feel overwhelmed with young children, and I appreciate your solutions of quiet time in which the Lord can refresh our spirits. May God bless you! Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. I had chills reading your post. One of my favorite things is to sit in our bedroom and simply read a book. I just picked up 2 Charles Todd’s at the library and I am so looking forward to relaxing with them.

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