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Routine Routine Routine

Routine can be a blessing Regardless of what our culture says, Rest

As many of you know I am living with Chronic Health Conditions.  Yes that is supposed to have an ‘s’.  Most people who have Fibromyalgia seem to have more than one chronic health condition that they live with each day.  During the past 6 months my health dropped down the what I would term as the lowest point since I originally got sick 10 years ago.

Over these past months I have been reading up on Fibromyalgia, Spoonies, Autoimmune disease, Chronic Fatigue or now called ME, and how to manage daily pain and fatigue.  There were a few things that kept coming back up.  Routine, sleep, diet, and exercise are all very important.  I have been working on building a daily exercise routine into my days for some time.  I have found the time, now I need to work on the discipline of making it a priority. (The cry of the Urgent tends to grab rather than the call of the Important. )

In the process of making room in my day for exercise I have been working on general routines, and schedules.  And as I walk through my daily routine just doing the next thing that I need to do to keep my home manageable. I am finding that each day I have been a bit stronger.  Each day I am a little less tired.  Each day I have a tiny bit more endurance.  Two weeks passed before I realized I have not had a flare for two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  That is huge for me.

I began to have more pain a few days ago, and wondered if a flare was starting.  I am having  a tiny bit more pain this week. BUT nothing like where I was and it is a lot more manageable.


Before I go any farther. I am not saying routine has healed me. I am just saying for right now it has helped.  I could go back into a flare at any moment. But I do believe that there are some elements that are working to help my body get some of the rest it needs, as well as the exercise.

Some Elements of My Routine and Why I think They help.

  • I go to bed pretty early. I need a lot of sleep and going to bed before 10 pm really helps.
  • I don’t go out and about very much.  I find that getting the kids all in the car and out and back in and such is a stress-er for me. And one of my big triggers is too much stress. The more stress the more frequent the flares.  So we stay home a lot.
  • Every day is pretty much the same.  We have built-in times for chores, school, and even TV.  I have rest times built-in along with times for reading and writing.
  • I have a time when the house is quiet. – Yes with 5 littles this is possible. I desperately need it too, I can get overwhelmed very easily and too much stress causes flares.  The more mental rest the better.  I am learning to that there is types of work that actually bring me a type of mental rest.

The End Results

  • I have a cleaner house!  Always a plus right.
  • I have made time for me to read.  (I love to read and I was spending too much time in front of a TV show and I felt like my brain was leaving me. 😉 )
  • I have dedicated time to work with my kids on their school. — I can over look the dirty clothes or messy room.  Because I know I have a place for that later.
  • I am remembering to take my vitamins and daily meds.  *Fibro Fog is real folks and I was forgetting things constantly.  I need built-in reminders.

I don’t think my specific routine will work for most people.  I didn’t even offer to share the details because they are not the trick really.  I do recommend routines.

If you have specific routines, you can build rest periods into your day, something that just about all of us with Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Health Conditions need each day.

Please take care of yourselves.  We as moms tend to push too hard in general.  And honestly it doesn’t take just a mom.  I was in college no kids, and not married when I got sick.  It was just doing too much and pushing too hard for too long.  It broke my health.

Rest is NOT a dirty word.


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4 thoughts on “Routine Routine Routine

  1. Thank you, thank you. I have Fibromyalgia and a host of others as well. You have given me some encouragement today. I need it for I have been feeling not so good lately. Glad you are a near-neighbor @ Thriving Thursdays.
    Thanks again, ~ linda

  2. Fibromyalgia is a nasty illness. Hang in there. I do believe that God has allowed this illness in my life to bring me closer to Him. I do pray that as you suffer through each day you will cling to our Jesus as well. So sorry you are not so good right now. I was there a few weeks ago. Honestly I keep waiting for the ball to drop again. But I will trust Him if it does. Thank you for your note.

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