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Tuesday’s Fitness Update



Some weeks living with Chronic Illness seems to be the only thing that actually defines me. And my mind gets sucked into a very negative line of thinking.  I know that I am not defined by what I do or don’t do, but rather by my life hidden in Christ. But…..

I have been dealing with a decline in my physical strength and endurance for almost two and a half weeks now.  I came down with a cold last week that has knocked me out for the count since last Friday.  I see the kids as they catch this bug, they are puny for a day and then the next they are coughing and a bit down, but for the most part they are playing as normal. Some of the children it has hit a little harder than that, but for the most part it has been a typical childhood cold for the kids.

It put me in bed for 3 days. I am still weak from this nasty thing that has taken hold inside my body that has no ability to fight off infections. But I am so thankful that I am actually doing a bit better today. I have not been exercising, and I have not been really eating that great, but I have not been that far off my goals either.  I have not been eating breakfast which is important for my gut. And so because of that I have gained about 3 lbs. I believe these extra pounds to be temporary, but if something doesn’t change soon they won’t be.

I want to be more regular in my exercise.

I want to be stronger.

I want to be healthy.

But I have the body I have been given, and it is corrupted by sin. Hence the struggles that must be lived with day by day.

I am not terribly discouraged about my weight loss journey right now, but I am a bit discouraged by my health in general.  I am tired of being tired. I will keep plugging along, and keeping trying, and keep working towards my goals, and maybe one day I will have some good news to report.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

How do you handle set backs in your health journey?




















1 thought on “Tuesday’s Fitness Update

  1. Oh Amy, I hear ya. I definetly don’t struggle to the level you do but I do have struggles that I didn’t have a few years ago. And caring for my husband and his health issues too. I don’t always handle it with the grace like I wish I did but usually I just take it one day at a time. One morning at a time. One afternoon at a time. One evening at a time. One night at a time. Sometimes it is just too much to try to process more than that at a time. And God is so good, isn’t He? I have so many blessings to thank Him for and He is just such a blessing Himself.

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