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Tuesday’s Fitness Check-In


He who began a good work. I find this passage of scripture so comforting. I have so many times failed in the area of my health. But God has said that he will not stop working on me. I am so thankful for that.
That idea also pushes me forward. Because if Philippians 1:6 is true, that God will keep working on making me more like him, than I can’t quit either!
So today’s Tuesday Fitness Check-In has a few things. First off my weight has not changed in the past week. I have finally been getting over this crazy funk that has mafe me so sick. I say getting over. What I mean is I have a bit more energy I am not as weak. I still have a sinus infection. And I still have a yucky cough. But I am not in bed. And the dizziness is better. What a blessing!!!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had something I was working on in regards to my physical activity.


My husband picked this up at a garage sale a few weeks ago. His purpose was he wanted something that was lower impact for me at this stage if my journey. I was so sick when he brought it home it made me terribly dizzy just to stand on it. Yesterday I was actually able to use it without a problem.

I did 10 min on it. My goal was to do 20 but I listened to my body and I stopped at 10 min. It was nice to have that little machine as an option for exercise.

I found that at about 3 pm yesterday my “lead blanket” dropped on me. That is the feeling of utter exhaustion and weakness I get at times due to Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I expected it honestly. After being as sick as I have been I am not surprised that 10 min of light exercise used up all my energy.

So it reminded me to keep my time low for now as I build up endurance. I am still pretty weak. And I need to be able to take care of my family through all this.

I also have heard that Clare over at Peak313 is beginning her Fall Living and Active Challenge. I have attempted to complete her 5 week challenge for 2 years running and each year I end up dropping out. Either because I got sick or because pregnancy was just too much for me.
The big thing about this 5 week challenge is that it covers physical and spiritual elements. Clare keeps the focus where it needs to be. I am planning on doing what I can fromnher challenge. But if you are serious about wanting a kick start for your Fall Fitness routine please go over to Peak313 and sign up for her challenge. She had a TON of great ideas and resources.

Let Us Run with Endurance

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