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The Crazy Days of Life



At our house over the last couple of months we have been re-arranging some things.
We adopted a cat who is partially deaf.
We have been working on settling in to our homeschool schedule.
We had a nasty bug that cirulated here through everyone. (I am better but today is 14 days with this nasty thing.)
My husband has gotten injured at work. (That could have been so much worse than it was. Reminds me to keep my husband in prayer.)
Our modem has died. We homeschool with an online school program.

Yet in all this I have seen how God has been faithful.
God has brought people over to help with cleaning.
Friends have provided meals for us. I was pretty weak for a bit.
My husband was protected from a more serious injury.
The deaf kitty is learning to compensate around our crazy family and we are enjoying his antics.
I have been able to find time in my schedule for exercise. I am thankful for that.

Through these past several weeks I have seen the Lord working on me. And while I was so sick I had more time to read which was a huge blessing. 😉

So we all have crazy days and crazy weeks.
My internet is still not working here at the house so my posts are being done on my phone. (Sorry for the mistakes!)
What craziness has hit your house? How have you seen the Lord bless even in the midst of the mess and struggle.
I would love to hear your story. And also if you seen any spelling mistakes please let me know! 😉


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