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As I write this post I find myself sitting in a parking lot of a grocery store. I went out to get groceries and my husband told me to take my time. He knew I needed a break. To get away from the business of our home for a bit.
So I ran away to the grocery store.
Perspective is important, and I think sometimes as moms we lose perspective. We get caught up in the day-to-day business. We have our head buried in a pile of laundry. Or we are up to our armpits with schedules and school work.
We forget to stop and look around us. We don’t see the beauty that God paints in the sky each night. I know I usually don’t see these things. I am more concerned with getting 5 kids to bed than I am with gazing at God’s amazing handiwork.
That makes me think about the children themselves, what about them, am I stopping to look at my beautiful children. Do I see them as amazing handiwork of God? The same question could be asked about my husband? Am I really paying attention? Or am I more focused on the task to be done than on the person beside me.
My life is full. Each moment I have to make a choice. Where is my perspective?

I want to challenge you, get you heads up and really look at the people around you. Ask yourself How does God want me to bless them today?

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