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Our Role in Marriage

Marriage is more than what our culture says it is.

Last year I had the privilege to be a part of Courtney Joseph’s book launch, Women Living Well I really enjoyed reading the book and being a part of the launch. Here is a review I did along with that launch.


Up until recently I have had a mentality that when my husband came home from work it was like the next shift had arrived and I could relax a bit because my “relief” had arrived.

Well, while I was reading Courtney Joseph’s book “Women Living Well” she made the comment that we are made to be our husband’s helper, he was not created to me ours. I have heard over and over again the idea that I am my husband’s helper. I have wanted to fulfilled that role in my marriage.

This section from Courtney’s new book really made me look at my behavior in a different lite.

Was I trying to take care of my husband’s needs when he got home? Not usually. I often don’t think about how hard my husband works every day. I am too caught up in my own chaos that is my everyday home.

I started thinking about how hard my husband does work to provide and care for our family. I began looking at my role as a wife and mother a little differently. Thinking about the different things that needed to be done when my husband comes a bit more actively. Seeking out what I can be doing to share the load as the evening progresses.

Does that mean I don’t need or want my husband’s help? Absolutely Not!  I want his help and I need his help.  What it does mean is that I don’t have the freedom to disengage from my role as a mommy. I can’t suddenly act like I am “off duty” simply because my husband has arrived home.  This can be really challenging for me at times.  And there are times when I need to communicate to my husband and say I need to get out of the house and away from the chaos for a bit.  But it needs to be communicated and I need to be vulnerable and share with my husband my needs and struggles. It won’t work very well if I just pull back from my family and my husband and act angry and grumpy. All the while fuming that my husband doesn’t see the needs of my heart.

It is so vital that I share my needs with my husband and open my heart to him in that way regardless how vulnerable or scary it might be for me.

It is a challenge being a biblical woman in our culture today. A lot of people see it as a weakness. But when we choose as wives to care for our husbands, and seek out ways to help him. When we seek out ways to come along side our husbands in this life we can be a positive impact in our marriage.  We can free up our husbands to be the men God is calling them to be.

Be sure to check out Courtney Joseph’s new book “Women Living Well”. It is currently available for preorder on Amazon. I have really enjoyed this book, and I have also learned a lot in regards to what God is calling me to as a wife and as a mommy.


Released  10/1/2013

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