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Making our Home a Haven

Last year I wrote this post following the book launch for Courtney Joseph’s book Women Living Well. I thought it was a timely message again to think about. Am I making my home a haven, or am I busy making sure everyone is uncomfortable because I am having a tough time.


I have recently had the privilege to be a part of Courtney Joseph’s book launch for her new book “Women Living Well”. It was a great experience for me and I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of getting the word out about such a great book. Before the book launch started I was following Courtney on her blog of the same name: Courtney has a lot to teach us as women about many areas of life

Recently Courtney started a Fall challenge: Making your Home a Haven for the month of October. Courtney has a ton of great ideas and encouragement for us ladies to start thinking about making our home a haven, and a place of comfort and safety for our families.


Most of the time my home doesn’t feel much like a calm place. My home is full of noisy, playful kids and messy rooms that are filled with clutter and toys. I struggle with the chaos that is my home. But I was convicted by Courtney’s challenge. She talked about how we as women have a Huge impact on the atmosphere of our home. When we are stressed as mommies we lay a foundation of stress in our homes.

Courtney Joseph’s challenge came a day after a day trip my family too to a nearby apple orchard. The day was a challenge for me. We have 5 kids. The oldest child is 5 and the youngest is 5 months. The apple orchard is a beautiful place set on top of a mountain in Western North Carolina. It is not far from our home. I knew there would be a lot of walking, and I knew there would be a lot of hills to climb up and down. I did not expect the crowds! It was more crowded than I have ever seen this place.

So after a few hours of wearing a 15lb baby, carrying a bunch of children’s paraphernalia, and stinky portable toilets I was snippy. My poor husband got his ear filled with tons of complaints and gripes. My attitude really became a negative atmosphere for our family. It was a hard day but I could have handled it better. I realized that when my husband asked me: ” Was there anything about today that you DID like? ” Ouch!

So the challenge has come at a key time for me. It isn’t nice to face the sin in one’s life but I believe that as we confess our sins we can work towards becoming more like Jesus each day. As we seek to become more like Jesus he grows and develops those qualities in our lives that can help us in our daily lives as we strive to make our home a haven.

What things do you do in your home to make it more of a haven? How do you seek to grow an atmosphere in your home to make your a safe place for your husband and children to be vulnerable and grow in our relationships with each other?


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