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Are there days when you feel like the ground is falling out from under your feet? Does the world seem so uncertain and frightening that the chaos is overwhelming? I do. Maybe it is because I live in a home with 5 very active children, or maybe I watch the news too much. But there are days when I am very overwhelmed by all the chaos that is going on around me.

I think about the suffering of the Christians over in the Middle East and I want to weep for the pain and suffering they are experiencing. I consider all the dangers that are talked about on the news each night and when I dwell on all those things my heart is filled quickly with fear.

That is the time when it is most important for me to refocus my attention to my savior and consider the works of His hands.  I need to remember that Jesus is a secure, solid, and safe place to put my trust.

Does this principle mean that I won’t have struggles? No! It does not mean that at all. Jesus himself told us that in this life we would have trouble, but Jesus will be with us as we walk through that trouble. Put your hope in the salvation of Jesus Christ that was bought with a price just for you.

Hang in there, there is hope, we can rest our hearts in Him.

I pray everyone is having a good week.



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