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Wednesday’s Blogging through the Bible


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3 John 1:4  “I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.”

I have this verse displayed in a lovely picture done in cross-stitch. It has beautiful flowers and embelishments all around it. It reminds me often that I need to be training my children carefully each day.

I desire that one day all my kids will be walking in the truth. I don’t know the future and my children have to make this decision for themselves.

I do find this a scary prospect. I like everything in my life to just a certain way. (It usually isn’t with 5 kids and a husband) I am learning day by day that we walk by faith.

I see my job now is to teach my kids in the best way I know how. Showing them by my example what it means to be an image bearr of Jesus Christ. And I don’t always do this job very well. Yet even in my failures I can teach my kids to humble themselves, confess their sins, and seek forgiveness from other and from God.

It is a big responsibility we carry as parents and at timea I find it very overwhelming. But I am thankful for the blessing I have been given that allows me to try.

What has jumped out at you in the scripture reading this week? What are you learning? Please share your thoughts and comments.

And Courtney over at Good Morning Girls has a ton of resources to help you as you go through this Bible study with us. Be sure to hit the link at the top of this page and head over there to see all the goodies she has available. And they are all FREE!  Enjoy!

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