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Spring Time!

Spring! Everything is Fresh and new again


Spring! Everything is Fresh and new again

I just love Spring. Everything is so fresh and clean. The trees get this new green color to them as they develop their new leaves. The birds are singing, and I hear them because my windows are open. I love Spring time and the joy it brings.

I have been digging in the dirt and planting a garden. I have enjoyed getting outside and feeling the sunshine.

Digging In the DirtPreparing the Soil.

We often need seasons don’t we? Different times to focus on different things. I am amazed at how God uses the changing seasons, and the changing weather to refocus our lives and hearts. Spring seems to brighten and enliven a lot of people, myself included. Winter seems to be a time to hunker down and focus on family and things at home. Summer is a time to be outside and play and explore. Fall is a time to celebrate and reap the harvest from the work that has been going on during the summer months.

I realize that these are very broad generalizations that don’t fully apply to most people today. But I think that lessons can be learned and perhaps we should pay attention to what God has put around us. Why did God change the seasons? Why isn’t it Spring or Summer all the time? Why do we need winter at all? Why do the leaves have to fall off the trees? Is there perhaps a few lessons that we should pay attention to?

I believe there is so much that God wants us to learn and experience. Maybe we should slow down a bit so that we can actually hear what he is saying to us.


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