I want to welcome you to the Laundry Pile. I am so glad you are here. I hope you come in and make yourself comfortable. I also hope that you share with me what you think about what you find here. You can find many different topics here on the Laundry Pile. If you are looking for blog posts on Marriage be sure to head over here. If you are looking for topics about Bible Study head over here. And if you are looking for a good book to read head over to my Book Review spot and see what I am reading lately. I hope you feel welcome to look around and find something that interest you.

As you look around you will find our Blogging Through the Bible posts. We are working our way through the Bible one chapter a day. I have really enjoyed this Bible study. It has me digging in God’s word a little deeper all the time. I hope you join us in this study and begin finding gems as you start digging through God’s word for yourself.

You may be wondering who is this woman behind the Laundry Pile. My name is Amy and I am the mom to five amazing kids. I am homeschooling all five at this time and loving it more and more each day. I am so stunned at how much I am learning as I work through teaching my children from day-to-day.

I am also a mom who lives with chronic illness. More than a decade ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. There are days when my health is better than others, but I am working hard to find the joy even in the midst of the struggle. I have found that the Lord has been faithful beyond my expectation through it all.

I hope you find the Laundry Pile a place of encouragement and rest. Grab a cup of tea or coffee (my preference) and sit a while.

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